Engsri is a manufacturer and importer of quality non-woven material. These products can be used in many industries including, bedding, automobile & clothing.

Polypropylene Spunbond

Spunbond made of polypropylene PP is used in the industry due to its durability. The properties of the fabric of this type, is that it can withstand heat up to 60 degrees celsius. It is available in several colors with a option of thickness ranging from 14g / m² to 120g / m².

Polyester Spunbond

Spunbond made from polyester is made with durability of high strength compared to spunbond made from polypropylene PP. It can also withstand higher temperatures. The thickness available ranges from 20g / m² to 120g / m². This material is highly used in the automotive industry, carpets, and industries that require high durability such as agriculture etc.

Polyester Padding

Polyester padding or syntethic sheet is ideal for bedding industry, automobile and clothing. The density fibers can be measured ranging from 40g / m² to 800g / m and widths ranging from 45 inches to 120 inches.

Polyester Fiber

There are 2 types of Polyester fiber, Virgin grade and Recycle grade. The popular sizes of fiber for home textile product are 15 denier and 7 denier (length 32mm. and 64mm.) and less than 1 denier (Micro Fiber). The sense of touch of the fiber is similar with the feather with lower maintenance therefore, the fiber has high demand in the market. For the Thai market, we supply many types of micro fiber such as micro gel & artificial feather.

Ball Fiber

Ball fiber is made from 100% polyester fiber which has a small ball appearance. Engsri can produce fiber balls with diameters from 3mm – 6mm.

Carding polyester fiber

Carding polyester fiber is made from 100% polyester fiber by carding process. Due to the plush nature of the fiber, it is generally used in the market for plush pillows. The factory has spec grade A, B and C with prices different for each grade.

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